G&D Taxis operates in Ripon and the surrounding area. If you would like to make a booking please get in touch via phone (0789 600 5554) or email (). As soon as we have received your booking we will confirm this with you via a return call or email.

Any bookings made for post-midnight trips will only be charged at single time. This is a great deal as opposed to the standard time and half rate found with other taxi services.


G&D Taxis are pleased to offer a Takeaway delivery service from your favourite restaurant. In addition we are also happy to deliver other items such as Alcohol or Cigarettes, but please note that certain items will require ID upon delivery.

The cost of this convenient service is merely the standard fare from collection to your doorstep. Due to the nature of this service we can only take delivery orders via mobile (0789 600 5554) so please get in touch.

Contract Hire

If you are in need of a contract hire service please contact us directly to discuss terms.